Zarlaida Fitri

Dissertation :

engembangan Sensor Kolorimetrik Berbasis Khitosan Untuk Mendeteksi Merkuri Terlarut

Promotor : Prof. Dr. Adlim, M.Sc

Co-promotor 1 : Dr. M. Syukri Surbakti, S.Si, M.Si

Co-promotor 2 : Dr. Ahmad Fairuz Bin Omar

E-mail :


Zarlaida Fitri graduated from IKIP Bandung in 1992. She has been teaching at chemistry education department FKIP Universitas Syiah Kuala since 1993 until now. In 2001, she completed her Master's degree at the University of New Brunswick Canada in the field of inorganic chemistry. She continued doctoral study at Doktor Matematika dan Aplikasi Sains (DMAS) Syiah Kuala University with research focus on chitosan-based chemical sensor and metal nanoparticle development. Besides, she is also doing research on chemical education in schools and colleges.

Research Interest

Chitosan-based chemical sensor and metal nanoparticle development.

Research Documentation


Muhammad Adlim, Fitri Zarlaida, Zuraida Zuraida, Darusman Darusman, 2018, Simple and Environmental Friendly Preparation and Characterization of Slow Release Urea Tablet Made of Rice Husk Ash Composite with Chitosan Coating , Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences, 16(1), 20-26, 2221-7630.

Fitri Zarlaida dan Muhammad Adlim, 2017, Gold and silver nanoparticles and indicator dyes as active agents in colorimetric spot and strip tests for mercury(II) ions: a review, Microchimica Acta, 184, 45-58, .

Fitri Zarlaida dan Muhammad Adlim, 2015, Chitosan Based Chemical Sensor for Determination of Mercury in Water: a review, AACL BIOFLUX, 8(5), 656-666, .

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